How To Maintain Solar Panels

How to Maintain Solar Panels?

Solar panels have no moving parts, and are very low in maintenance. The lifespan for a solar panel is known to be at least thirty years. Most solar panel installers offer long warranties and maintenance packages as part of PV system cost. However, some preventative maintenance and inspection is required by the owners to ensure longevity and efficiency of their system. There are five basic maintenance regimes to follow, which will ensure that a solar power unit is delivering optimally as it was built and intended for. 

Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels work best when the sun rays reach the panels in an unobstructed way. So it is important that owners keep their panels clean and unobstructed from all sources of dirt. Traffic and wind dust, snow, debris and bird droppings that stick to panels on a regular basis can hinder performance of the PV unit by obstructing the sun. Cleaning of panels is recommended twice a year to reduce the negative impact of dirt buildup. Solar cleaning services will also reduce the amount of mineral deposit building up and potentially staining the glass of your solar panels.

Install Pigeon Proofing Guards

Pigeons can sometimes chew on PV wiring that can impact the electrical functioning of the system. Not only that but pigeons can literally infest your home, making a colony that thrives underneath your solar panels. This presents a plethora of health concerns and possible damage to your solar panels. Owners can install wildlife guards to prevent pigeon and rodent related attacks on the system.

Keep The Trees Contained

Nearby trees and bushes can cast a shadow over the panels and negatively impact the energy production of the PV unit. Not only can trees cast shading onto the panels but the leaf droppings can also cover the panels entirely. It is important that owners trim the vegetation on a regular basis so that the panels work in an unobstructed way and are minimally prone to losses due to shading.

Perform Visual Inspections of Electrical Components, Wiring and Connections

A PV system has sensitive connection points and cables from the inverter to the solar panels.  Over time these connection points can become loose or exposed. Owners must perform routine visual inspections on the electrical components to check for any loose or exposed wiring or even broken panels that might hinder the production of electricity.

Bonus: Keep An Eye On The Converter

Routine visual inspection of inverters can help increase their functional lifespan. Owners should strive to keep it free of dust and debris and always checking that the solar performance is keeping up with its typical production numbers.

Lets Wrap This Up

Owners must follow these five measures that will help mitigate losses from their PV system. With frequent visual inspections and timely cleaning of panels, owners will sure avail problem-free solar panels for many years. Not only that but with frequent cleaning services they can ensure their panels are free of damage and producing the most electrical power they can. If you would like a free quote for us to clean your solar panels feel free to call us anytime or fill out a quote request below.

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