7 Reasons To Hire A Pro To Clean Your Solar Panels

Do You Even Need Your Solar Panels Cleaned? Yes! Absolutely Yes!

Solar panels can collect dust and dirt from different sources such as pollution, loose leaves, and bird droppings. This kind of soiling can become stubborn over time and prevent the sunlight to be properly accessed by the cells. The subsequent shading can render the cells ineffective to function at optimum capacity.  To maintain the efficiency and performance of solar panels, it is therefore advisable that owners get their panels thoroughly cleaned by trained professionals for a multitude of reasons. Lets dive into those reasons you need a pro!

Let's Talk About 7 Reasons Why You should Hire A Professional​

1. Safety Is Number One

Roof top installations are unsafe places as they involve working at a height. A clear safety hazard associated with climbing the roof for any type of maintenance or cleaning is the risk of fall. By hiring professionals who are highly trained and capable professionals, this task can be done safely without any worry and stress.

2. There Are Major Expenses Involved

Solar panels depending on the design can be often large and difficult to access fully without having suitable equipment. When professionals do the job, they have the correct equipment and materials to ensure a quality cleaning. The equipment involved in cleaning solar panels properly can become very costly. Large ladders, specialty hoses and sophisticated water purification systems and carbon fiber water fed poles are some of the highly priced tools needed to clean solar panels.

3. No, Rain Will Not Suffice To Clean Your Panels Clean

Contrary to what many owners think, rain is not enough to clean the panels and professional intervention is sure to be required to clean the panels at least twice during the year. Even more so, for residents in low rainfall regions such as southern California the need for solar panel cleaning is even more evident. Trained professionals follow proper cleaning guidelines and have the knowledge of proper cleaning procedures thus ensuring that solar panels are not at risk of being damaged.

4. The Obvious One, Convenience!

Your time is valuable and we all know trying to do something that your not proficient at is a painstaking process, not to mention the risk involved with being on top of your roof. Professionals will be more efficient and quick in cleaning the panels and will do a better job because that’s what they do best! Relax and let a pro handle the dirty work.

5. Protection Of Your Solar Panels

Professionals will use non-abrasive, gentle ways of cleaning the panels. Cleaning solar as a DIY job on the part of the owner can lead to mistakes in the form of using an abrasive solution or using hard water that can lead to staining or spots on the panels that can impact the efficiency of the system. Any type of damage to the panels can void the warranty for them and that is something we all should keep from happening!

6. Diagnosing The Health Of Your Solar Panels.

A big advantage of hiring a pro is that when conducting the cleaning activity, they can also do a quality check on other aspects of PV system that ensure optimal performance of the system. For example they can warn the owner about cracks in the panels, traces from animal infestation like rats that can potentially impact the quality of sun rays absorbed into the system. Finally, one of the biggest issues that can be addressed by a professional is to inspect under the panels to check for pigeon infestation. If there is a water source nearby such as a pool then your location with the solar panels acting as a home, makes for the perfect storm of pigeon infestation on your home.

7. Save $20 By Giving Us A Shot To Clean Your Solar Panels

Now this may not be a convincing reason as to why you should hire a pro to clean your solar panels, but it sure is a reason to try us out rather than continuing to let your solar panels lose more and more power efficiency. Give us a call and just mention this blog post for $20 off. You also can fill out our quick and easy contact form below to get a free quote.

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